Khartoum state announces the arrival of the buses from Saudi Arabia, China and Qatar in mid-January

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport of the State of Khartoum, Khalid Mohammed Khair, announced the start of the arrival of the fleet of boats from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and China to work within the transport system in public transport in mid January. He pointed to postponement of the announcement of increasing the tariff of transportation in the state to 50% Arrangements of the system following the study of a technical committee in that regard.

He said d. The Ministry of Information and Information Technology said that more than (5.7) million people are using the transport traffic in the morning and evening in the movement within the state of Khartoum. He explained that his ministry started implementing the collection of public vehicles data manually and electronically through (286) A gas station in the state within (2300) gas station in Sudan. “We have started registering vehicles to dry fuel leaks to the black market, and we are seeking to complete the database for the purpose of issuing an electronic card for each car to obtain its share of fuel,” he said.

He gave a detailed explanation to the media about the 2019 plan for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in the areas of roads and bridges, and to address the reasons for breaking the traffic congestion and technical treatments that were developed for him during the year.

The minister expected the opening of the Damascus bridge next July after the delay of the arrival of two shipments of iron from the countries of Egypt and China.

Source : Rawan for Media Production

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